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Troubleshooting โ€‹

This section covers the most frequent issues that users may encounter while using PowerGrid.

Here you will find:

Multiple instances of Alpine โ€‹

If you are installing PowerGrid with Laravel Breeze, you may come across this particular issue.

Please refer to Livewire Documentation Multiple instances of Alpine.

Undefined variable "$foobar" โ€‹

Please refer to Theme, layout, view and "variable undefined" errors.

Call to undefined method "fooBar()" โ€‹

Please check the Upgrade Guide.

Additionally, you may also learn the section Theme, layout, view and "variable undefined" errors.

Theme, layout, view and "variable undefined" errors โ€‹

Most likely you have published the PowerGrid views, and they have become outdated. This can happen after updating PowerGrid while using customized views.

To solve this problem, first back up your PowerGrid resource: Copy the resources/views/vendor/livewire-powergrid directory to resources/views/vendor/livewire-powergrid-BACKUP.

Then, proceed to republish your views. Run the command below.

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=livewire-powergrid-views

Next, clear Laravel caches. Run the command below.

php artisan optimize:clear

Failed to mount filter: Filter::datetime โ€‹

You must install Flatpickr. Please refer to the section Plugins Configuration > Flatpickr.

Flatpickr Locale Support โ€‹

Sometimes Flatpickr will not support your location's locale setting.

For example, consider that your application is configured for pt_BR in config/app.php with 'locale' => 'pt_BR',

In the file config/livewire-powergrid.php, you might have tried to add the same locale pt_BR. the same string for locale.

However, Flatpick doesn't accept pt_BR. Instead, change it to pt.

     'plugins' => [
        // ...
        'flatpickr' => [
            // ...
            'locales'   => [
                'pt_BR' => [
                    'locale'     => 'pt_BR', 
                    'locale'     => 'pt', 
                    'dateFormat' => 'd/m/Y H:i',
                    'enableTime' => true,
                    'time_24hr'  => true,

Created By Luan Freitas and @DanSysAnalyst